Honeymoon Houseboats
houseboatsFloral decoration in the bedroom and candle light dinner are the specialities of a Honeymoon House Boat. The boat will be having one bed room, sit out area and kitchen. There will be three crew members to serve the guest. Check in time in the houseboat is 12.00 Noon. Once the guest checks in, the cruise will start. The Guest will be provided lunch during the cruise. Tea and snacks will be served in the evening. The boat will be anchored by 5.00 pm at some convenient location. Boat will remain anchored and will not move during the night. Guest can watch movies, or listen to Music during this time. Dinner will be served at night and the guest can go for sleep In the bed room. A/c will be provided in the boat during bed time (9.00 pm to 6.00 am). Again the boat will start moving in the morning by around 7.00 am. The guest need to check out from the boat by 9.00 am. Traditional Kerala food will be served in the boat. Slight variations can be made in the menu as per the guest request. Maximum of three packs can be accommodated in a single bed room boat with one extra bed.