Munnar Sightseeing Places

Munnar Sightseeing Places

Munnar Sightseeing Places

Munnar Sightseeing Places are the ones which attracts tourists mostly. Tea stations and plantations are what come to mind when we talk about Munnar. The exotic beauty of Munnar with its long spread greenery of tea, the cool atmosphere, being the perfect picnic spot etc. Keep its charm. Munnar has been in the top list of favorite tour destinations in Kerala for long years. Hill stations and luxurious resorts demand tourists for further visit. The tea estates started by the British still continue to impress the eye of tourists.We also get the best quality tea from here.

The Best Munnar Sightseeing Places are

Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary

Rajamala Wildlife SanctuaryRajamala wildlife sanctuary, which is famous as a natural habitat of many indigenous species of goats is just 15 km away from Munnar. Travelers can watch mountain goat in Rajamala which is very rarely is found. The goats otherwise called as Nilgiri Tahr live and reproduce here.  Those live in Rajamala comes more than half of the total number of mountain goats in the world. Munnar is also a place that receives heavy rainfall.

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National park is of great importance to the visitors of Munnar. The Anamudy Peak is a part of this national park. Eravikulam has been considered as an ever green area of land. The Nilgiri Tahr lives here which are rare in number. The park came in to existence as a place for letting the Nilgiri Tahr live and reproduce. The hills and greenery of the place gives great excitement to the tourists.

Anamudy Peak is a must visit place which has rare species in it. The beauty of the peak is due to its flora and fauna. Leopards, tigers and macaque are also found in this forest. It offers trekking facility for tourists up to 2 km.

Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty is another famous place in Munnar which has a dam and lake in its credits offering boating and other leisure activities to the people. It is considered as a amazing picnic location. The place is also well known for the dairy farm. Different types of cattle are born and brought up in this place. There are several cattle sheds and many of them are allowed for visitors. This stocking of cattle is known by the name Indo-Swiss Live Stock Project.


DevikulamIt is one of the visiting spots in Munnar which is famous for trout fishing. It is a small hill station. The beauty of the mountains and hills, the wide spread lawns and tea plants etc offer great view for every visitor. According to legend, the goddess Sita Devi bathed in the beautiful Devikulam lake waters. Now  it is named as Sita Devi Lake.


Marayoor is one of the important Munnar Sightseeing Place. It is dedicated to the growth of sandal woods. There are lot of factories and parks for children.

 Kundala lake

Kundala lake is another visiting point about 20 km from Munnar on the way to Top Station . The dam was built as an artificial reservoir. It is situated in between hills at a height of 1700 meters above sea level. The famous Neela Kurunji flowers which bloom once in twelve years, bloom in the hills and valleys around the lake.

 Echo point

Echo pointEcho point in Munnar is famous for the number of visitors count.The place is often crowded and lot of people screaming is a funny sight. Kids are more interested in it.The place gets its name from the natural echo phenomenon present here. Rare Neelakurinji (Strobilanthus) blooms here.

Tea Museum

Tea Museum is a piece of interest for visitors and other people. It showcases the working of tea production, packing etc. The museum is intended to make people understand the functioning of tea estates and plantations.

 Blossom International park

It is a great spot of interest spreading over 16 km. It has lot of varieties of flowers in it and viewpoints. It offers cycling and boating facilities. You can also see children doing roller skating.

 Chinnar wildlife Sanctuary

Chinnar wildlife SanctuaryIn Munnar Sightseeing places, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary has a great part. The pride of Munnar is the Chinnar wildlife Sanctuary. People who love trekking will surely find it interesting and the beauty of nature is closely shot here. It is located 18 km north of Marayoor on SH 17 in the Marayoor and Kanthalloor panchayats of Devikulam taluk in Idukki. It is one of twelve wildlife sanctuaries among protected areas of Kerala. Various wild animals are also seen in the deep forest. Different types of birds live here. Chinnar is a place where we find the rare and endangered giant squirrel can be found.

 Photo point and Flori culture center

These are other places that attracts people. Picnic photos and family gatherings are mostly conducted here. The Flori cultural center offers description and showcases different varieties of plants and flowers. People from other states of India come here often.

 Top Station

Top station is the highest altitude view point Top Stationin Munnar and located at almost 40+ KM from Munnar. If rains in Munnar we can see the fog covered view of Munnar from Top Station. If you reach at Top Station you can experience the most beautiful Munnar Sightseeing Places.

Elephant arrival spot

Elephant ride is the main attraction of Elephant arrival spot. Giving a small fee, one can enjoy the superior riding on top of an elephant.There are still many less acclaimed waterfalls and less explored hill sides in Munnar. The basic activities one can do in Munnar includes cycling, skating, boating, rock climbing and rappelling, trekking etc.  There are also spots where one can learn and practice yoga, enjoy the organic dining and natural health preservation etc.The tourist can also buy a lot of first quality tea, coffee, spices and handcrafts etc from different locations of Munnar. Wide variety of resorts and eat out huts are also designed for tourists.

See a great waterfalls at Munnar which attract many travelers.